Summer Dance Camp

Dates and descriptions are now available for our summer dance programs. Please take a look by clicking HERE.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Registration Information

We are now entering our late registration period. If you want to register for classes, you may:
1) mail in your registration


2) attend our late registration night on August 28th 4-8 pm

Registration is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, and many classes are already close to their maximum capacity. Once classes are full, students may join a different class or be placed on a wait-list.


Email us at to request a form or pull it from our Facebook group "Body Motion Dance Company." Blogger does not allow uploads of PDF files. Mail the completed form (one per dancer) to:

BMDC c/o Giselle Rasheta
2490 E State Rd 35
Kamas, UT 84036

Please include your $15 per dancer late registration fee ($30 max per family).

Once classes begin on September 2nd, registration rates will go up to $20/dancer or $40/family.

Just as an FYI, this is where we are for remaining registration.

Acro classes are limited to 16. (Preschool Acro and Acro 1, 2, and 3 will have an assistant.)
Jazz, Ballet, & Hip Hop are limited to 20. (Over 10 will have an assistant.)
Ballroom is limited to +/- 24. Girls are limited to 2x the number of registered boys.)

Once these numbers are reached, we will take a waitlist. If there is a class that is highly desired, we may combine some smaller classes to make room for an additional desired class.
Please email me any questions. I will respond within 24 hours.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fall 2014 Schedule and Information

This year's schedule is set! Take a look and start planning! Class and level descriptions are below - please read through the level requirements carefully and contact me if you have questions. Please mark the following dates on your calendar (more information to follow):

Aug 1st: deadline to register for production camp

Aug 11th: Company Auditions for ALL Jazz Competition Teams

Aug 12th: Registration for Competitive Company and siblings

Aug 13th: Open Registration Night for all students, old and new

August 18th-22nd: Production Choreography Week

Aug 28th: Late Registration Night

September 2nd: Classes Begin
Class descriptions, level descriptions, costume information, and class attire.

*Class descriptions and levels are provided to help you select the appropriate classes for your child/children. Please read through the levels thoroughly, and if you’re still not sure where your child should be placed, contact me.

*Adherence to dress codes are required for the professionalism and safety of the classroom studio. Students who are not properly dressed for class may be asked to observe class for the day. It is both student and parent responsibility to ensure the dancer has all the dancewear they need for the classes for which they are registered, and that they bring that dancewear to the correct classes. NO GUM IN ANY CLASSES.

*Costuming information is provided to give you an idea of the costs outside of tuition. Costume fees will all be due no later than September 30th. You may pay them any time before this date, but beginning October 1st a $5 late fee will apply.

Preschool Combo Classes-
This year we are going to incorporate combo classes into our preschool program. A combo class will split their time between learning Jazz technique and choreography, and learning ballet technique and class etiquette. Those who think they may have an interest in taking ballet in Elementary school should consider these combo classes.

Levels: age 3 and age 4 students. Because the classes occur simultaneously, some students may be shifted to accommodate class sizes and skill level.
Dress Code: dance shoes and dancewear. Students will not have time to change their clothes from jazz to ballet. Send them in one outfit for both classes. You may send 2 pair of shoes if you have both. All dancers are required to have hair off the face and neck for every class. No large jewelry.
Costuming: Purchase of costume ($30-$50), tights ($7-$8), and dance shoes ($20) is required for jazz portion of classes. Performs a Jazz dance only (no ballet performance is currently planned) at Christmas and Spring concerts. Costumes are kept for 2 years as long as it is possible to acquire them in their 2nd year.

Jazz Classes-
Upbeat, technique-based dance classes. Choreography is usually set to popular music. Prepares students for drill and dance teams. Required class for competitive team dancers.

Levels: By age per the schedule.
Dress Code: Jazz shoes and dancewear, such as bike shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops, leotards, etc. Clothing should allow freedom of movement and show the lines of the body. All dancers are required to have hair off the face and neck for every class. No large jewelry. Footwear is highly suggested in class and is required for performance.
Costuming: Purchase of costume ($30-$50), tights ($7-$8), and dance shoes ($20) is required for jazz classes. Performs at Christmas and Spring concerts. Costumes are kept for 2 years as long as it is possible to acquire them in their 2nd year.

Ballet Classes-
Classical ballet training with a rich history and tradition. Choreography is usually set to classical music. Give students the strength and technique to excel in all genres of dance. Recommended for all serious and competitive dancers.

Levels: Ballet is split by age AND level at the discretion of the Ballet Program Director. Age/grade is not a guarantee of level in ballet.  Dancers must be placed in the appropriate level for their ability so that they may build the foundation they need to properly grow and improve in the field.
Ballet 1: Kindergarten dancers, and 1st graders with no or little previous ballet training
Ballet 2: 1st graders with previous ballet training, and 2nd graders
Ballet 3:  3rd and 4th graders with previous ballet training
Ballet 4, 5, and 6 are split at the discretion of Ballet Program Director, based on previous class work. New students will be placed after observation at registration.
Ballet 4: 5th and 6th graders with multiple years of previous ballet training or by audition
Ballet 5: 5th-8th graders with fewer years of ballet training or by audition
Ballet 6: 7th and 8th graders with multiple years of previous ballet training or by audition
Pointe: For 6th-8th graders by recommendation
*There is a $5 class fee for Pointe, for which you will receive a foot care package for proper care of your feet in your pointe shoes. Be aware of the associated costs of shoes and pads when registering for Pointe.
Dress Code: Each ballet class levels 1-6 will have an assigned class leotard. This leotard ($12-$14) is to be worn every week, with pink tights ($7-$8) and ballet slippers ($12-$16) with elastics sewn in. This leotard will also be used for spring recital performance.  All dancers are required to have hair off the face and neck in a bun or updo for every class. No large jewelry.
Costuming: All ballet students will pay a $40 costume purchase/rental fee for the Nutcracker year.  They will receive a KEEP item (to wear with their leotard for the Spring Recital) and a RENTAL costume (to wear for the Nutcracker performance at Christmas). Pointe students may have a $5-$10 rental fee depending on the costuming needs for each recital.

Tumbling and flexibility training is frequently referred to as “acro” in the dance world. Classes are divided by the tumbling skills a child can properly execute without assistance. Dancers may bump up or down one level to accommodate other classes if necessary.

Preschool Acro: 3-4 year old students with no or little tumbling experience
Acro 1: Students who are working on a cartwheel
Acro 2: Elementary students who can do a cartwheel and are working on a back walkover
Acro 3: Middle School students who can do a cartwheel and are working on a back walkover
Acro 4: Students who can do a back walkover and are working on a back handspring
Acro 5: Students who can do a back handspring and are working on multiple back handsprings
Acro 6: Students who can do multiple back handsprings
Dress Code: All female students are required to wear a leotard or biketard to Acro. Leotards can be purchased between $12-$30. Shorts may be worn over the leotards. Male students in Acro 2 and higher must wear a tight-fitting shirt (like under armour). All students must have their hair pulled back. If the hair reaches the eyes (for both males and females), it must be pulled back in an elastic. Ninja ponytails are the coolest….right? No jewelry.
Costuming: there is no costuming and no performance for Acro classes

Ballroom classes learn dances in the Latin and show styles, which include Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive, Charleston, and various Swings. Dancers are required to dance in partnerships and must be willing to dance with any other class member.

Levels: By age per the schedule.
Dress Code: Any clothing that allows freedom of movement. Skirts are recommended for class for ladies. Latin dance shoes are required for female dancers and recommended for all ($25).
Costuming: Ladies costume consists of a leotard ($25 or less - new this year), skirt ($15 - same as before), tights ($7-$8) and shoes ($25). Men’s costume consists of black dress pants, white long-sleeved button-up shirt, black socks (all of their own) and pink tie ($11-$12). Men can wear black church shoes or purchase Cuban heels (latin shoes) for $25.

Hip Hop-
Hip Hop emulates street dance, and uses stylized hits, isolations, and stalls. Choreography is usually set to hip hop music.
Levels: By age per the schedule.
Dress Code: clean sneakers or combat boots, baggy dancewear. Anything that allows freedom of movement.
Costuming: costuming is usually pulled from items the dancer has at home. Dancers can custom order hip hop dancewear from The Dance Shop at any time if they desire.

Turns and Leaps-
Like a jazz class, but without a focus on choreography. Turns and Leaps pushes dancers to learn skills above and beyond the scope of their regular jazz class. Dancers learn skills that are advanced for their age group.
Beginning/Intermediate: ages 8+; students who want to learn side leaps, switch leaps, fouette turns, tilt kicks and jumps, coupe fan, and couple jete
Advanced: 7th and 8th graders who can do basic side leaps, switch, leaps, fouette turns, coupe fan, and coupe jete, who want to master them and who want to learn advanced turning sequences and advanced leaps
Dress Code: same as jazz
Costuming: no costuming and no performance for Turns and Leaps

Stretch Class-
30 minutes of flexibility training. Dancers will focus on increasing leg and back flexibility through execution of partner stretches, splits, heel stretches, scorpions, etc.
Levels: Multiple offerings – all ages allowed in all classes.
Dress Code: same as jazz, but may want sweats/layers to keep the body warm during the stretching process
Costuming: no costuming and no performance for Stretch Class

Competitive Jazz and Ballroom Teams-
See comp teams brochure.