Friday, April 4, 2014

Clearfield Competition Times and Locations

Solos- Friday April 11, 2014
Clearfield HS STAGE

KassLee Butler 4:08pm
Hannah Butterfield 4:25pm
Jordyn Diamond 4:30pm
Annie Fees 5:17pm
Alyana Hansen 5:30pm
Ellie Butikofer 5:50pm
Kaitlyn Adair 6:08pm
Isabelle Archibald 6:28pm
Ryanna Stevens 7:28pm
Olivia Lee 7:40pm
Brooklyn Tuttle 8:00pm
Savannah Archibald 8:06pm
Lydia Farmer 8:08pm
Paige Pappas 8:30pm
Beth Leavitt 8:45pm
Kailtyn Rockhill 9:10pm

Clearfield GYM Solo Competition

Emma Waters 5:15pm
Kinley Clegg 5:20pm
Abigail Zenger 5:23pm
Mia Butikofer 5:43pm
Hunter Zenger 6:24pm
Lydia & Madison 8:20pm
Mia & Jordyn 8:24pm
Tess, Rachel, Hayden 8:37pm

Saturday April 12, 2014

Jazz 8:40am
Contemporary 6:45pm
Hip Hop 8:00pm
*Production 12:40pm

Jazz 11:52am
Hip Hop 7:20pm
Lyrical 8:37pm
*Production 12:40pm

Jazz 2:10pm
Lyrical 7:40pm
Hip Hop 8:30pm
*Production 12:40pm

Jazz 2:13pm
Lyrical 4:40pm
Hip Hop 8:18pm
*Production 12:40pm

Jazz 1:40pm
*Production 12:40pm

Jive 9:47am

Clearfield HS is Located @ 931 S 1000 E Clearfield, Utah 84105
As a reminder please arrive 1 1/2 hours prior to your first dance. At this competition we have our own dressing room to change and leave bags and all of our belongings for the day there is also an entrance fee for all spectators.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break

As a reminder…There will be no classes held-
Wednesday, March 26th
Thursday, March 27th
Monday, March 31st
Due to the Spring Break! Enjoy your time off and go find some sunshine!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Due to the drill team showcase tomorrow night, the last 2 hours of classes will be cancelled. This includes the following classes:

Adv Turns and Leaps
Teen Comp Team
6th/7th Grade Jazz

I apologize for the inconvenience... Enjoy the night off!!

Those performing at the showcase (intermediate and senior teams) please be there in costume by 6:00 pm. We will meet in the small/girls/south gymnasium to rehearse. 

We encourage everyone to attend! This year's drill team is 100% BMDC alumni. They had an amazing year and they are wonderful to watch. 

The cost is $3 per person or there will be a group rate available.  One of the drill girls is doing a service project and if people bring wipes, diapers, shampoo, conditioner, soap . . toiletry items (of any size) for women or babies they will get $1 taken off of their ticket price.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Dixie Spectacular Times

Dixie Comp Schedule
Dixie Center Convention Center
1835 Convention Center Dr. St. George, UT


Norah Marsing 10:00 am…..DANCE HALL B
Emma Waters 10:11 am…..DANCE HALL A
Kinley Clegg 10:11 am….DANCE HALL A
KassLee Butler 11:24 am….DANCE HALL B
Annie Fees 11:29 am…..DANCE HALL B
Abigail Zenger 11:47 am….DANCE HALL B
Lydia Farmer 11:50 am….DANCE HALL B
Alayna Hansen 11:50 am….DANCE HALL B
Maddie McArthur 11:50 am….DANCE HALL B
Sydney Louder 12:12 pm….DANCE HALL B
Kailyn Adair 12:12 pm….DANCE HALL B
Hunter Zenger 12:28 pm….DANCE HALL B
Paytan Tippits 12:31 pm… DANCE HALL B
Jordyn Diamond 12:34 pm….DANCE HALL B
Hannah Butterfield 12:34 pm….DANCE HALL B
Brooklyn Tuttle 12:40 pm….DANCE HALL B
Paige Pappas 12:40 pm…..DANCE HALL B
Lydia & Madison 12:48 pm….DANCE HALL A
Mia Butikofer 1:09 pm…..DANCE HALL B
Savannah Archibald 1:56 pm…..DANCE HALL B
Ellie Butikofer 2:53 pm….DANCE HALL B
Rachel/Tess/Hayden 4:40 pm….DANCE HALL B
Jordyn & Mia 4:46 pm….DANCE HALL B
Olivia Lee 5:36 pm….DANCE HALL B
Kaylee McArthur 5:40 pm….DANCE HALL B
Ryanna Stevens 6:36 pm….DANCE HALL B
Kaitlyn Rockhill (contemp) 7:37 pm….DANCE HALL B
Isabelle Archibald 8:20 pm….DANCE HALL B

Kaitlyn Rockhill (lyrical) 8:20 pm …..DANCE HALL B

Dixe Comp Teams Times- Saturday March 22nd

 9:46 BMDC Intermediate Company (Jazz) - Shake Shake
11:32 BMDC Intermediate Company (Lyrical)- Leaving on a Jet Plane
12:11 BMDC Ballroom Company- Ready Teddy
12:27 BMDC Intermediate Company (Hip Hop)- TTYLXOX
2:31 BMDC Senior Company (Jazz)- Momma Knows Best
2:38 BMDC Senior Company (Hip Hop)- Girls
2:51 BMDC Senior Company (Contemporary)- Young and Beautiful
2:57 BMDC Production Company –Seasons
5:07 BMDC Junior Company (Jazz)- What a Girl Wants
5:41 BMDC Teen Company (Jazz)- Unstoppable
7:07 BMDC Junior Company (Hip Hop)- Popular
7:20 BMDC Teen Company (Hip Hop)- Hands in the Air
8:09 BMDC Junior Company (Lyrical)- Keep Holding On
8:40 BMDC Teen Company (Lyrical)-Kaleidoscope

8:54 BMDC Mini Company (Jazz)-My Boyfriend’s Back

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Point Times

        Friday, February 28 
8:09 am    
Emma Waters
Kinley Clegg

8:26 am    KassLee Butler
8:31 am    Annie Fees
8:37 am     Norah Marsing
11:57 am     Lydia & Madison

1:30 pm
Abigail Zenger
Mia Butikofer

1:39 pm
Lydia Farmer
Maddie McArthur
Alayna Hansen
Savannah Archibald

2:01 pm
Kaitlyn Adair
Sydney Louder

2:20 pm            Hunter Zenger
2:26 pm          Jordyn Diamond
2:29 pm
Paige Pappas
Brooklyn Tuttle
7:03 pm            Rachel/Tess/Hayden
7:09 pm            Jordyn & Mia
8:00 pm            Ellie Butikofer


Saturday, March 01 
  8:06 am          BMDC Teen Company - Unstoppable
  8:30 am              BMDC Junior Company - What A Girl
  10:16 am            BMDC Junior Company - Popular
  11:18 am            BMDC Teen Company - Kaleidoscope
  12:39 pm            BMDC Mini Company - My Boyfriend's
  6:00 pm             BMDC Inter/Elite Company - Shake Shake
  7:29 pm            BMDC Production Team - Seasons
  8:08 pm            BMDC Inter/Elite Company - Leaving On
  8:40 pm            BMDC Ballroom Company - Hello
  9:24 pm            BMDC Senior Company - Momma

  9:33 pm    BMDC Senior Company - Girls

Please read the post below and link to the competitive site for more info. If you have questions PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Competitive Team Dancers/Parents & Soloists

Please take note of the updated Comp Team blog. I placed some FAQs there for everyone (especially first year dancers/parents) that should help you feel a little more prepared for the competition season. I also put on the tutorial for your eye makeup, hair, and even some eyelash love for ya. :)

Please check it out. Thanks!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Warm Up Orders due by Jan 30th

We have these beautiful warm ups available for purchase through the end of the week. We also have these tees available for Moms and students! You can get them in a sporty material or in cotton, or even look at different options such as tanks, etc.

All orders have to be in by the end of the week to ensure we have the items by the first competition. No more warm ups will be ordered until next year. Thank you!!

If you have questions please contact Giselle at 435-513-0834