Summer Dance Camp

Dates and descriptions are now available for our summer dance programs. Please take a look by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Recital Dates


Dress Rehearsal will be Friday, Dec 5th at the HS Auditorium. Alyssa sent out a full schedule with ballet students this week, along with hair and makeup and show instructions.

Nutcracker Performance will be Saturday, December 6th. Matinee 2:00 pm, Evening 6:00 pm. $3 per ticket (some tickets free for each performer).


Jazz, Ballroom, and Hip Hop Recital:

Dress Rehearsal will be Thursday, Dec 11 th at the MIDDLE SCHOOL auditorium. Schedule TBA.

Recital Performance will be Friday, December 12th at the High School Auditorium at 6:30 pm. Admission is free.

See details in our Facebook group or check in at the studio. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Production Rescheduled for Nov 21

Production team:

Rehearsal is cancelled tomorrow due to the overwhelming number of dancers who plan to attend the SSHS playoff game. We are rescheduled for Friday, Nov 21. Please let me know if you cannot attend this make up rehearsal. Thanks and sorry for the late notice.

If you didn't receive my email regarding this earlier today, I need an alternate email address from you. *You can set your alternate email address to forward to your regular account. Our system just cannot speak with Allwest addresses.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

High School Ballroom

High School Ballroom is starting Monday night! 7:30-9:00 each and every Monday. So far there are 4 couples, but I'd love a few more in case not everyone can move on to the competition season in the Spring.

Requirements: previous ballroom experience AND a partner. You won't necessarily be dancing together all year, but I must have equal numbers. Thanks!

Text me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Studio Updates!

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for being part of our studio, and for the awesome work you have been putting in so far! We are more than halfway through our fall season, and recitals are right around the corner...please plan on working hard and fast for the next 5-6 weeks so we can put on a great show!

Please read through the following information and read everything that applies to you!

1. Vital Email Correspondence: Typically, the emails you receive from the studio will come from a Robo-Mailer, or automated email system. This way, any faculty member may log in and send an email to their class, or I can send an email to just a specific class or to the whole student group without having to type in 20-150 emails. HOWEVER, I know some of you are not receiving these emails. So far, almost everyone who has had an issue receiving the automated emails has an Allwest email account. I am working with my software customer service to see if we can get in touch with Allwest's email server and see if we can work through this issue. I'm not sure how long the fix will take, or if it will ever work, so if you have an alternate email address, please let me know what it is. If you don't have a different one, you might consider creating a new one through Gmail (less junk - better security) or Hotmail, or something less obscure. You can set it to forward to your preferred address so you don't have to check multiple addresses. IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN EMAIL THAT CAN SPEAK WITH OUR SYSTEM, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE TO SEE WHAT ANNOUNCEMENTS YOU ARE MISSING. I don't want to be crazy or demanding, but there is no way I can keep everyone in the loop if I don't have an email address that can receive emails from me. Check your spam and your junk, add to your contact list, and if that doesn't work, please get an alternate email address worked out. Update us at the front desk when you have your new email address.

2. Costumes for New Jazz Students: I will be sending home notes with new jazz students this week regarding costumes. Every jazz students needs a class costume (never more than $50), light suntan stirrup tights, and carmel/tan jazz shoes for the recital. Please come in to the lobby to pay for your costume and order any tights and shoes, if necessary. The cost of the costume will be automatically added to your account in the month of November if it hasn't been added already. This is our second and final year of using the same costumes (for most classes). These costumes will be worn for the December and May recitals.  Moving forward, it may become necessary to plan on a new costume each year, as the availability of costumes in the 2nd year is becoming less and less consistent.

3. October Tuition and Fees: There are lots of unpaid balances this month. For the month of October, ballet costumes fees and the first round of competition fees were due in addition to tuition. Auto-Pay ONLY pulls out your tuition, so if you have additional fees, they must be paid online or in person at the studio. If you're not sure how to access your online parent portal, please let me know so I can send you that information. Late fees for unpaid October balances will be added on Nov 1. Please get your balances taken care of.

4. Recital Dates: The middle school is having some work done on their auditorium, so they have asked us to book the High School for our Nutcracker performance. I have contacted the High School but haven't heard back regarding availability. We are still working toward a Dec 6th performance date for Nutcracker (dress rehearsal on Dec 5th), and hope this will all work out. For the jazz/hip hop/ballroom recital, we have asked for any day during the 2nd week of December or as late as Tuesday, Dec 16th. We would love to have our recital done with before all your holiday festivities kick into high gear. I will update you as soon as I have the final word on performance dates.

5. Nutcracker Ticketing: As we near the Nutcracker performance, complimentary tickets will be coming home with your students for Nutcracker based on the number of ballet dancers you have. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the door at the time of the performance.

6. Nutcracker Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer any of your time, Alyssa could certainly use a few parent helpers as we prepare for Nutcracker. We have a stage set to produce, rental costumes to label/organize, and many other little things. Let me know if you're interested and I will get Alyssa your contact info.

7. Important Things in November: Please be aware of the following things happening in November:
-Costume Fees due for all competitive teams
-Christmas Orders due by Thanksgiving (Warm Ups, Bags, Competition needs, etc)
-Thanksgiving Break (check the lobby for cancelled class dates)

Well, that's all I can think of for now! Please let me know what questions you have! Everyone keeps asking me how dance is going, but the truth is that dance is only going as well as YOU think it is. Please know that I welcome honest feedback and want to make you happy. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve your experience. I appreciate all of you and especially your kids! They're amazing and we love them very much. Have a great day!

Giselle Rasheta
Owner/Director, Body Motion Dance Company

Monday, October 20, 2014

Phone Broken...

Hello everyone!

My phone took its last breath after getting soaked at the beach this weekend. I'm sorry if you've been trying to get in touch with me and couldn't. My new phone is being delivered today so I should be back up and running by tomorrow, but in the meantime, please send me your questions via email (

You can also call the studio at 435-783-9100 anytime to leave a message, or during dance hours to speak to someone at the front desk.

There are a few messages that need to go out to comp teams and 6th grade jazz and 8th grade jazz. Please watch for those later today. I may also send home a paper note for those participating in Fright Night with the drill team.

Sorry again, and thanks for your patience!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Upcoming Payment Due Date for Competitive Teams

Competition Teams,

This is just a reminder of the competition fees due for the Gotta Move Competition (April 18). This competition has early registration in October, so the fees will be due with your October tuition. I have attached the payment schedule that was in your contract as a reminder of those fees and due dates.

The fees due for your dancer's team routines will be added to your account before October 1st. You can pay them in person or online. *Auto-pay clients: auto-pay covers only your monthly tuition. You will need to pay for these fees separately (online or in person).

If you are planning to compete a solo, duet, or trio at this competition, these fees will also need to be paid with October tuition. I will send out a Soloist price list and registration sheet this weekend. Please turn it in to the studio the first week of October and pay for your solo registration fee at that time.

Let me know what questions you have. Thank you!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Ballet Nutcracker Fundraiser Information

Ballet Parents: (A note from Alyssa)

Nutcracker fundraising packets have starting going out. This fundraiser is optional, but we know we can give your dancers an even more amazing Nutcracker experience if each family raises a little bit of money.

-In the Yankee Candle brochure you can scratch a candle and smell the scents! People can order from you online if you go to, enter our group number of 990066941, and sign up to be an online seller (this takes just a few seconds!). Otherwise, just fill out the paper order form - making sure to add a 6% tax - (make checks out to Body Motion Dance Company). Orders will be here before Thanksgiving.

-Each family is receiving only one program advertisement/independent donor form. If you need more feel free to copy the one you have or get more at the studio front desk.

-Turn in Yankee Candle and program ad/donor forms to the front desk as soon as they are completed. We are tracking our progress with a big poster in the lobby and if we reach 100% of our goal (the equivalent of $50 raised by each family) we will have a celebration doughnut party during part of class. Fundraiser ends Sept. 25th.

We have a great ballet program full of amazing dancers. This is such an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. THANK YOU for your help in making this new show a success!